A visual essay on  

…the role public and private / indoors and outdoors existing architectures can play in the creation of spatial dramaturgies in participatory performance 


…the re-imagining/re-authoring of inhabiting architectural and urban spaces through the invitation to a shared scenographic landscape 


the use of perpetual architectural properties each space offers, and how it can enhance the developing of an ephemeral performative spatial/scenographic vocabulary 


…the autobiographical in scenography-led performance, and notions of immigration and citizenship 





Eu Immigrants EU Citizensa performance project by Performing Architectures – Andreas Skourtis, took place in three chapters and three different locations in London in 2016. 

multi-disciplinary team of EU-born London-based artists, lead by Andreas, explored how existing architectures in the city can create scenographic metaphors through participatory scenography-led performances, and raise awareness of notions and the dialogue-around EU Immigration in the UK. 



EU Immigrants EU Citizens, Chapter 1: A Bridge 

April and May 2016, Millennium Bridge and surrounding areas, part of TCCE Walking the City Weekend 



EU Immigrants EU Citizens, Chapter 2: A Space 

June 2016, Roundhouse – The Hub, part of We Are Now festival 



EU Immigrants EU Citizens, Chapter 3: A Building 

June 2016, Ugly Duck  47 49 Tanner Street, part of Creative Collaborations 


video by Andreas Skourtis and Panos Andrianos 

Photos and cinematography: Panos Andrianos, Andreas Skourtis, Vivianna Chiotini, Maria Koutsouna, Alegia Papageorgiou 



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